Travel trailers accessories

Fold-away front bed

  • 28″ X 76″ bed.
  • Designed to support a maximum weight of 300 lb.


  • 13′ x 7’6″ removable awning.
  • Easy to install.

Screened Shelter

  • Attach the large 12’ x 12’ screened shelter to the vehicle.
  • Zippered front and rear entrances.

Double bicycle rack

  • Double bicycle rack: folded up.

Front roof storage cabinet

  • Spacious storage for clothes or other light items.

Flexible 136 W Solar Panels

  • 68 Watts single model available.
  • Green and renewable form of energy.
  • Supplies the trailer with a good electrical autonomy.
  • Maximises the durability of the battery by contributing to maintain its charge.

19″ LCD HD TV with DVD player

  • 19″ AC/DC HD TV with analogue/digital tuner and DVD player. The TV is installed on a pivoting wall mount that locks for travelling.

Heat pump

  • The air conditioner is also a heat pump unit.
  • It can be used as an air conditioner and a heater. In heating mode it will stop working at temperatures below 4 degrees C or 8 degrees C if it is very humid.
  • It must be connected to a 30 Amp 120 Volts electrical outlet.
  • The heat pump is located under the front dinette seat and projects its air upwards. Its installation uses the round shape of the Alto to direct the air flow towards the rear of the trailer.
  • The thermostat is in the rear of the Alto and it is accessible when in bed. This thermostat controls the speed of the fan, the temperature and the operating mode selection: either air conditioner or heater.

Medecine cabinet

  • Medecine cabinet

Rear storage

  • Rear storage

Alto F1743 Additional Single Bed

  • For Alto F1743 only
  • 28″ X 76″ bed
  • Designed to support a maximum weight of 200 lb


GM (Savana)

Mercedes (Sprinter)

RAM (ProMaster)