May 23

Another happy day for Safari Condo!

At the last “Gala de l'entreprise beauceronne” on May 6th, Jérémy Côté, supervisor of the Alto 1 plant, was presented with...
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Grand Rassemblement


Jan 23

Be Happy! The Great Gathering is Back!

Safari Condo is celebrating 25 years! So what better way to celebrate this milestone than to bring back the Great...
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Jan 23

Early Retirement for Stéphane Nadeau!

The third Nadeau in the Safari Condo adventure is stepping down from his duties. Even though he didn’t work full...
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Dec 22

A new life for Johanne Nadeau!

Sales Director Johanne Nadeau recently retired after 25 years with Safari Condo! Management and the sales team celebrated her retirement...
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roulez elec


Nov 22

A Partnership that Comes Naturally

You can drive an electric car and tow a trailer at the same time! Here’s the proof? Safari Condo and...
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Jun 22

Safari Condo, first… by far!

Safari Condo motorhome and Alto caravan owners voiced their love for Safari Condo in the latest issue of Protégez-vous! The...
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développement durable


Jun 22

Safari Condo receives a Sustainable Development Award!

Safari Condo is very proud to be the recipient the Jarret Développement Durable Award, given at the 2022 Gala de...
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Feb 22

A well deserved retirement

2022 started on a happy note with a touch of sadness for me as Daniel, my father and the founder...
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Dominique Nadeau


Dec 21

Association des commerçants de véhicules récréatifs

At the last ACVRQ (Association des commerçants de véhicules récréatifs) convention, Dominique Nadeau, president of Safari Condo, was elected to...
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dernier gm


Nov 21

The last GM leaves Safari Condo!

Over the last 24 years, GMC has delivered 1,594 commercial trucks to a company in the Beauce region ... and...
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