25th Anniversary Photo Contest

In 2023 Safari Condo is celebrating its 25th anniversary. In order to commemorate this milestone our team wants to do a mural at our factory highlighting all the places where our vehicles have been. We would like to have photos of the views from your porthole windows, roof crescent windows and from the rear doors of your Safari Condo van (see examples below).

How to submit my picture(s)

The Photo contest will be based on participation, not an aesthetic judgement. You are entitled to a maximum of three photos per crew and each photo will entitle you to a chance to win an iPad. The contest will close on March 31 2023. The draw will be held on April 7 2023. To participate, please fill out the form below. Additionally, your picture should have a resolution high enough to ensure a good quality when used for our mural or marketing material.

Contest Rules

  • You must be the owner of a Safari Condo or Alto;
  • We want to see the view you have from inside your Safari Condo or Alto
  • Maximum: 3 photos (A minimum of 5 MP, no blurry pictures)
  • You agree that your pictures may appear on Safari Condo’s marketing material and social media.

Sample Photo :


Photo credit: Xiaohui Fu

Safari Condo Commitment

Safari Condo will not use your photo for advertising or any other use without your approval.

Online Registration Form

Participant Information

Photo Information

(3 MP minimum)

* If you encounter any problems during your registration, please simply send your pictures and the information needed to [email protected]