Travel trailers (Alto) – R SERIES




Alto R1713 highlights

  • 72″ X 76″ King size bed
  • Converts to two 27″ X 76″ single bed
  • Front dining area converts to 36″ X 81″ single bed
  • Dining area available even while bed is set-up
  • The table can be moved to create two distinct dining areas : a two-seat and a five-seat dinette
  • Fixed flush toilet
  • Storage in the toilet cabinet
1816 lb 3-4 opt.  
Starting from 37 725 $ CAD
Sold in USA directly from the factory

Cabinet finish selection

Danish Maple

Smoked Pear

Fabric selection

Riviere Beige

Relay Red

Blue Splash

Countertops selection


White drops

A revolutionary roof

Its aluminium skin is made from a single sheet, without any joints. It is opened or closed with electric actuators. Its crescent-shaped windows are made from tinted tempered glass. Once closed, the retractable roof creates an aerodynamic shape, which gives the Alto a drag ratio 75% lower than a traditional travel trailer.

When the roof is closed the Alto has an exterior height of only 2,10 m (83.5″) and can therefore fit nicely inside a garage. Once the roof is opened, the Alto offers highly comfortable living space with an interior height of 2,08 m (82″). Its front dinette is usable even when the rear bed is set up. The beds, fridge, storage and toilet are all usable when the roof is down. Two distinct dining areas are available by simply moving the table.

Ultra light, the Alto is entirely constructed from composite materials and aluminium.

The walls and roof are a sandwich construction of a honeycomb core laminated with an aluminium skin on one side and an aluminium or Alufiber skin on the other. Alufiber combines the light weight properties of aluminium with the resistance of fiberglass. The Alto is built exclusively from materials that are water resistant such as aluminium, Alufiber, plastic, Formica and glass.

On the road: With its Flexiride independent suspension system and its very low centre of gravity the Alto is very stable. Its aluminium frame is constructed without any welding, and it supports stream-lined holding tanks designed to optimize the aerodynamics. Equipped standard with electric brakes.

CDN Patent 2,580,172 |  U.S. Patent 7,488,030

Standard Equipment

  • T.O.P.S. (Electric Roof with Rigid Side Walls)
  • Electric brakes
  • Flexiride suspension
  • 13″ aluminium wheels with radial tires (Michelin 15″ optional)
  • 72″ X 76″ King size bed
  • Converts to two 27″ X 76″ single bed
  • 36″ X 81″ front single bed
  • Two-burner LPG flush mount stove
  • Space and water heater combined in one ultra-quiet appliance. German design. Works on LPG and electric
  • LPG tank with gauge
  • Propane and CO detectors
  • Smoke detector
  • Front portable table
  • Cabinet with sliding shelves
  • Front roof storage cabinet
  • Fridge 3,1 ft³ built-in LPG and 120 V
  • Auxiliary battery (1)
  • 30 A 120 V electrical inlet
  • Converter with 3 step charger 45 A
  • LED lighting
  • Exterior light
  • Two interior duplex ground fault protected 120 V outlets
  • One exterior duplex ground fault protected 120 V outlet
  • One auxiliary-battery-powered 12 V outlet (car lighter type)
  • Fresh water inlet
  • 12 V water pump
  • 60 L fresh water tank
  • 60 L grey water tank
  • 46 L black water tank
  • Voltage indicator and Probe-free tank level indicator
  • Fixed flush toilet
  • Exterior shower outlet
  • Toilet wash down spay
  • Sliding step
  • Variable speed roof vent
  • Rear window screen
  • Lateral door with window screen
  • Lateral window screen
  • Curtains
  • Rock screen
  • Fire extinguisher

The Alto’s Technology R Series

  • Aluminium frame and floor
  • Walls made from a sandwich-type consctruction with aluminium outside and inside
  • Seamless aluminium roof built in a single piece of curved Alufiber/aluminium sandwich panel.
  • Cabinets made of aluminium and composite materials
  • Ultra light sandwich construction panels integrated in the bed cushions
  • Bed structure entirely constructed from aluminium extrusions
  • Powerful electric brakes standard
  • Manual or Electric (opt) folding rear cushion
  • Feather weight of 1816 lb (824 kg)
  • Towable by most compact cars or small SUVs
  • Electric retractable roof lowers aerodynamic drag and centre of gravity
  • Fits inside most garages with its height of 83.5″ with the roof closed
  • Sides of the electric retractable roof are completely covered in tinted tempered glass
  • Aerodynamic shape developed in a virtual wind tunnel
  • Aerodynamic drag coefficient is 75% lower than that of a traditional 16″ travel trailer
  • Aerodynamic holding tanks built into the frame
  • Optional flexible solar panels available in either 100 W or 200 W with MPPT charge controller
  • A very low centre of gravity ensures optimal stability
  • CDN Patent 2,580,172  |  U.S. Patent 7,488,030
  • 2-Year Warranty, on the portion of the vehicle manufactured by Safari Condo


R1723 R-1723

1858 lb 3-4 opt.
Starting from 38 725 $ CAD
  • 60" X 76" King size bed
  • Front dining area converts to 36" X 81" single bed
  • Dining area available even while main bed is set-up
  • The table can be moved to create two distinct dining areas : a two-seat and a five-seat dinette
  • Fixed flush toilet
  • Interior shower with curtain

Sold in USA directly from the factory