Nothing is quite the same during this summer 2020! With new social distancing rules and border closures Safari Condo had to innovate in order to ensure the satisfaction of its customers!

After having its delivery schedule completely turned upside down, new methods of explaining the operation of the vehicles and caravans were needed. Thanks to the use of tablets and apps like Zoom or Skype the sales team were able to do a virtual tour of the clients’ new vehicle. This was especially important for customers from other Canadian provinces.

A significant number of Safari Condo customers are from the US, but unfortunately the border closure prevented them from coming to pick up their new vehicle. This challenge required some creative solutions. Safari Condo now offers US customers two pick up locations, one in Colorado and the other in New York state. Until the border can safely reopen, customers can pick their vehicle at either location free of charge.

Like many other Québec businesses, Safari Condo had to close its doors for 7 weeks this spring to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Since their return to work, employees at the sales office, service department and production facilities have been doing regular overtime in an attempt to keep Safari Condo customers as happy as possible!

Safari Condo prides itself in being an innovative company that can adapt quickly in this rapidly changing world. In this exceptional situation Safari Condo wants to thank its customers for their understanding and its team for their unrelenting efforts to satisfy all our clients!