Over the last 24 years, GMC has delivered 1,594 commercial trucks to a company in the Beauce region … and all of them have come out of Safari Condo’s facilities transformed into iconic recreational vehicles.

With the production of the Astro, the Safari and the Savana, GM was the first automaker to team up with Safari Condo. Were you aware of this? The company’s business name was based on the name of the Safari truck.

Thanks to the proceeds from the sales of GM vehicles, Safari Condo was able to fund three years of research and development activities leading up to the Alto trailer prototype. It was this sturdy truck that made it possible for Safari Condo to become the company it is today, with an annual production of about 100 motorhomes, almost 500 Alto travel trailers and some 150 employees.

Safari Condo is grateful to GM for a long lasting partnership , and to all its customers who proudly drive their GMC Safari Condo!