For Silke and Rolf, crossing Canada driving a 100% electric vehicle towing a caravan is over. From their June 11 departure in Victoria, British Columbia, the couple reached Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada’s easternmost point on September 4. They are the first to achieve this undertaking. A 15,000 km journey, 100% electric, during which Silke and Rolf reached out to Canadians to talk about renewable energy, environment and the world we want to leave to our children. In no way did they promote Tesla, but they simply wanted to demonstrate the potential of electric vehicles and solar panels and that they are an integral part of our future.

Silke and Rolf chose the Alto for this trip because of its lightweight, its aerodynamic shape and the smooth surface of its retractable roof. It is on the latter that Rolf has installed 8 flexible 100-watt solar panels. He also replaced the standard battery with a lithium-ion battery with a greater capacity. The renewable energy captured by the solar panels and stored in the battery could if necessary provide the vehicle with 30 to 40 km of additional autonomy.

 All of us at Safari Condo warmly congratulate Silke and Rolf! Mission accomplished!